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    Jessica Mixon

    I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the state of California and a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Alaska. My clinical training was completed in both the states of Ohio and Alaska. I have experience treating children, adolescents and adults, both in inpatient and outpatient settings.

    I believe that every human has the capacity for healing and that my role is to help facilitate that innate process. Often, what brings people into therapy is deep hurt from all different types of relationships . The same power relationships have to create some of our deepest wounding, they also have to heal. Trauma specifically can cause ruptures in connection, therapy targets and works to correct and heal from those ruptures.

    With that in mind, I emphasize a warm and safe partnership. My style tends to be gentle and direct with a strong emphasis on authenticity. I believe that you are the expert of your own experience and therefore, although I will make suggestions and/or recommendations about treatment options, you are ultimately in charge of your own therapeutic process. I will respect your need to move at a pace that is comfortable for you but, at times, will also invite you slightly beyond your comfort level to allow for potential growth and healing.

    When addressing issues in treatment, I may use EMDR & Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. I also use other effective modalities as indicated in the course of our work, including, but not limited to: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Ego State Therapies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.